Seaweed J. Stubbs is a student at Patterson Park High and prominent dancer on The Corny Collins Show's segregated Rhythm and Blues Day, better known as "Negro Day."

He is the son of Motormouth Maybelle and the older brother of Inez Stubbs.


Seaweed in a talented dancer and singer who longs to be judged based on his talents rather than by the color of his skin.

Despite the hardships and discrimination that he and his family go through, he remains optimistic that things can change for the better, encouraging his little sister Inez to follow her dreams.

Seaweed remains aware of the dangers that exist for black people. He knows when to challenge racism, such as Link's concern about whether he would be safe in a black neighborhood, and when it is more beneficial to ignore it, such as when his mother is forced to read off a racist sponsorship ad for "Negro Day."

"I can't see why people look at me
and only see the color of my face
and then there are those
that try to help, god knows
but, always have to put me in my place."
-Seaweed Stubbs, Run and Tell That


Seaweed is first introduced when Tracy is sent to detention. The two strike up a friendship over their mutual love of dance.

He is impressed by Tracy's talent and her willingness to not just publicly associate with black people in their segregated community, but to stand up for them.

When Tracy introduces him to her friend, Penny, they hit it off immediately. Seaweed invites Tracy, Link, and Penny to a platter party at his mother's record store. It is at this party that they learn about the cancellation of "Negro Day" and plan desegregation protests.

When Tracy is arrested at the protests and Penny is imprisoned in her home by her abusive mother, he helps rescue Penny and hide Tracy.

Later, he helps Tracy sneak into The Corny Collins Show's Miss Teenage Hairspray pageant. During "You Can't Stop the Beat", he and Penny kiss on live TV.


Seaweed performs the following songs.


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