Lou Ann Levorowski is a student at Patterson Park High School in Hairspray's Baltimore and a council member on The Corny Collins Show


Lou Ann's appearance, like many of the core council members, fluctuates drastically based on the production.  

In Hairspray (1988), she had dark brown hair that she wore in a shoulder-length circled bob. She preferred contoured mod-style sheath dresses, wearing a black and white striped one with a red belt while on the show and a bright red-orange one when judging auditions. 

In the original Broadway production, she wore a white cap-sleeve blouse and a powder blue swing skirt during "The Nicest Kids in Town." She had dark auburn hair that she wore in a chin-length bouffant bob.  

During the 2007 remake, Lou Ann underwent another design change, becoming a vibrant redhead who wore her hair either down, in a pony tail, or in a plait. During "The Nicest Kids in Town," she wore a powder blue swing dress with a cloud design and yellow flower detailing going down the skirt and collar, ending with an olive green hemline. Later, during "(The Legend of) Miss Baltimore Crabs," she is wearing a burgundy a-line dress with a white Peter Pan collar and a navy blue bow. She pairs it with a navy blue jacket with red and white poppies. In the finale, she is wearing a sunny yellow gown with her hair partially down. She is often seen making an "L" with her arms as she dances. 

Finally, during the 2016 NBC special, Hairspray Live!, Lou Ann is portrayed as a blond wearing a chin-length bouffant with flipped ends and side-swept bangs. This portrayal is unusual as most productions keep Amber as the sole blond to help her stand out better among the council members. 

Hairspray (1988)

Lou Ann acts as a judge during auditions for an empty spot on The Corny Collins Show. Her dancing partner on The Corny Collins Show is IQ, and she is often seen with him. 

Hairspray (2007)

Lou Ann is first seen on the set of The Corny Collins Show getting ready with the rest of the cast. She helps Paulie adjust his jacket.[1] During the role call segment of "The Nicest Kids in Town," she is introduced after IQ and before Joey.  

She is seen with Amber, Tammy, and Becky at school, though she seems to be the most passive member of the group. 

When Tracy and the other auditioning teens arrive, Lou Ann is rehearsing dance moves with Velma Von Tussle and the rest of The Corny Collins Show council. When Velma, Tammy, and Amber begin mocking those auditioning, she joins in as part of the chorus, smiling. 

During "(It's) Hairspray," Lou Ann and Vicki introduce Corny. Lou Ann is featured prominently throughout the number.  

During "You Can't Stop the Beat," Lou Ann looks ecstatic to see Tracy appear. When Amber backs into her, she taps Amber on the shoulder and shoos her away before giggling with Darla. [2] She is the second dancer, after Darla, to start dancing along with Link and Tracy. When Motormouth Maybelle comes on stage, Lou Ann is one of the dancers standing closest to her. Later, she dances with Jermaine.  

Despite being a talented dancer, Lou Ann is not listed on the board of the six Miss Teenage Hairspray contestants with the most votes. 

Vicki and Lou Ann with Corny

Vicki and Lou Ann introduce Corny during the Miss Teenage Hairspray pageant.

Hairspray (musical)

Lou Ann is introduced, along with the rest of The Corny Collins Show council, in Act One as part of "The Nicest Kids in Town."  

As mentioned above, her appearance often fluctuates between productions, but she is most frequently played by someone with red or auburn hair. Her stage age is between 16 and 19. 

She participates in five songs, but has no solo. 


Lou Ann participates in the following songs: 

 *"Ladies' Choice" only appears in Hairspray (2007). Lou Ann only appears in this scene as a dancer. 

Note: In some productions, the female council members, including Lou Ann, also participate in "The Big Dollhouse" and "Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now," along with the rest of the female ensemble members. 



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